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WebDrum II

This Java Applet allows several performers from around the web to jam together.

Getting Started:

  1. Warning: Netscape will restart the Applet if you resize this window. This will log you out. So please do not resize this  window.
  2. Please wait for the Applet to load. It is about 825KB. When you see the Login button, then it is ready for use. If it seems stuck then try clicking on the Java icon in the box.
  3. Login using your real name or a nickname.
  4. Choose to join an existing session, or create a new one. Please join an existing session if available.

Once Inside a Drum Session:

  • Click the [OWN] button to gain control over a drum that someone else owns. Then you can edit that drum.
  • To turn on or off drum beats, click on the blue boxes in the grid.
  • To turn on or off notes in a melody, click on a column in the melody grid. Only one note per column may be selected. To turn off a note, click on it.
  • Type in the text field at the bottom of the Chat Window and hit [Enter] to chat with other performers.

Experiment and have fun. If you cannot find someone to jam with, come back on the next hour, or if that fails, at noon Pacific Standard Time.

If you notice ANY problems, or have suggestions, then please contact us.

A "Login" button will appear  when the Applet has finished downloading.

    Your browser does not support Java. Please download Java plugin from "".

TransJam, JSynTM and the WebDrum are products of (C) 1997