Eternal Music by Chris Brown
using the Transjam Server

Standalone version for practice.


  1. Warning: Netscape will restart the Applet if you resize this window. This will log you out. So please resize your window if necessary before logging in.
  2. Please wait for the Applet to load. It may take a minute to load if you are using a voice modem. When you see the tracking circle appear, then it is ready for use.
  3. Click down in the "Eternal" window and drag the mouse; notice how the X-Y position of the mouse chooses the two pitches that alternate as part of your "voice".
  4. Move the mouse at different speeds without dragging it (not clicking down first); notice how the speed and position of the mouse affect the modulations applied to your voice.
  5. Hit the 'n' key to switch to the next voice; since this is a practice session, you should use this alot to tune the four voices into chords.
  6. Hit the space bar to toggle a voice on or off. The circle displays as transparent, and its sound stops.
  7. Listen for different harmonies created by all four voices; you don't have to move alot to enjoy the sound of this piece; try it in the background while you do other work on the computer (it will continue running while you open other windows or applications), and visit it occassionally to retune the frequencies gradually !